proof positives

I moved these two books to the proof stage, even though the jackson needs a preface..hopefully being written by the Minister down the road. and I need to do a small introduction with the research on her life story outside of this book.

I am very excited about the Cross book, i FINALLY finished writing his introduction yesterday. Ostensibly it’s finished except for cleaning up any errors, and i am going to reach out to his grandson and see if i can get MORE material for the frontmatter and maybe an image.

BTW thank you Homer Winslow, if it weren’t for this images in public domain i’d have shit for cover now i’m looking at other books to see if i can use some good artwork instead of my boring cover art.

I sorted the titles i am publishing into two categories..general history titles and these sort of autobiographical ones..and i WANT to publish more of the later.

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