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I dunno what’s up with me lately instead of getting up at 4am, i am dead as a door nail until about’s quite the time i am fully awake, half the day is gone…

Last night was a chance to protest the destruction of the house on the corner…several of the town historians got up and did I..i didn’t have to be all that vitriolic since no one WANTS the building to die..the city is just a little incompetent about how to actually protect it. for reasons no one will admit to, the formal protest process for demolition was removed a few years they are shocked that they don’t have a process in place..duh. ..for my part..i still have some more red ribbon to keep decorating the fence..thus 4am is a busy time for me.

meanwhile I am still on the mayor’s shit lists regarding the rail trail..instead of making excuses for their delays, i finally called a spade a spade..and they are trying to make me out to be a liar…i don’t really care what they say about me, i only care about getting these buttheads to do their jobs.

Saturday is Spicket River Cleanup day…which also got me in trouble..when i told the regional organizers that the folks in my town consider going to their town to sign in as a hardship and that some of them may not want to do it just to volunteer to pick up trash. yeah i know i am making friends everywhere i turn.

If i can get the Excedrin to kick in i will spend some time packing orders today..even though i have no money to ship any packages. This has just been an ugly week for me.. perhaps i will get by a bus and not have to worry about next week.

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