While I was cleaning and scrubbing and battening down the hatches for winter, I found myself wondering if animals have souls…then i spent time wondering if people had them…then i spent some time trying to figure out what i mean by soul. These are the things you think about scrubbing litter boxes and hanging laundry.

I came out of the closet as an Atheist a few years ago…well I wasn’t that far into it, I just decided to feel less guilty about it and make a point of saying it out loud now and then. Since I have actually been one my entire life…yes even all those years in the trenches of catholic school; I thought i was the only one for half my life. But since I don’t have to believe or feign to believe in a constructed mythology..what DO I believe in?

Science IS..whether one believes in it or not. Like the Theory of Gravity..you can spend your entire life not even knowing it exists but it’s still there keeping you upright and on the ground. But is a SOUL a scientific measurable thing? is being sentient the definition of a ‘soul’? animals are self aware…each one of those little buggers in the kitten puddle has a distinct personality and when I look in its eyes some ONE looks back at me. Sometimes they are saying when’s dinner…but still there’s a little life in there.

Don’t get me wrong I am NOT going to become vegan anytime soon, though I do flirt with vegetarianism now and then but I’m a coward, I don’t eat things I have been introduced to.

It always astounds me that people can be so cavalier in their treatment of the ‘lesser’ species, even ones they profess to love. I could never NOT try to improve the condition of one of these guys who cross my path, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. For example these little guys are in MY care…had they born outside half of them would have died before they were 2 months old. These were lucky, I trapped mama while they were still on board. Now they run around the house with completely abandon, the bigger they get the more trouble they get into. They are almost fearless in their attitude..they trust that here safe and warm with food on tap. I suppose if i believe that consciousness and the ‘soul’ are one and the same, then these guys each have one. Though I have met a few humans I wouldn’t say the same for.

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