puddly all over

2015-03-10 13.40.14 Well THAT’s lying, but to be fair it is in direct sunlight.  Spring showed up the other day…or at least the beginnings of mud season…no I don’t look at the calendar. I look at the driveway, and it’s all puddly.  The snow is melting very quickly, it may not have been 80 degrees the other day, but I was outside in a t-shirt for a couple of hours, so it had to be at least 50, well maybe it was 60- something but i’m from Maine now and we aren’t pussies.2015-03-08 16.38.44

After I shoveled the piles of melting snow off the porch, with the sun shining on my face, i got all ambitious and cleaned out the truck, i washed the disgusting floor mat and emptied the truck bed of all the crap I was hiding back there, tell me again what i was going to do with all those pallets and cinder blocks? oh yeah, garden…right.   that’s when the yard is all green and not squishy…still have a hell of way to go yet.  Still 2 feet of snow in the yard, i can see the top of the bird bath, and still can’t get out to the shed to get my bike.2af77efd-7eb5-4cdb-9e85-b4a4d46a695c

I rewarded myself with some fried smelt and chowder at Susan’s Fish and Chip Shop it wasn’t EXACTLY like a day at the beach but it will do until one gets here.  If i am not careful,  I may slowly eat my way through their menu.  Fried food will be a no no for quite a while.    But alas I NEED to get on my bike, or at least get off my ass, I am the absolutely heaviest I have ever been and I am extremely unhappy about it.  I came to maine to DO things damn it!  I picked this damn house because it lays between two large Portland Trails networks.10403007_10153290794120312_2895573225176497228_n

$(KGrHqNHJBkE-gORnzvqBPyRDgy1IQ~~60_12I dragged the damn bikes, and the damn boat up here. Just because I don’t like winter sports, doesn’t mean I need to keep sitting on my ass like this. Among the things I spent my money on lately was a copy of the AMC Maine Hikes but I am SOOO not ready for that… hell I wheeze just carrying the laundry up the damn stairs.   But a girl can dream can’t she?     I have to get out and shed some of this weight first.   We will start with the Portland Trails Map.   I am not yet ready to wear my new Woot T-shirt…. Points to anyone who gets the reference…if you don’t click here.   I am toying with the idea of walking to work everyday once the snow is gone. It’s not particularly far, probably 15 minutes, my issue is that some of it is on streets without sidewalks…busy ones…and that’s just too dangerous. I am gonna have to break out the bike early this year.  Speaking of that… I will need some better panniers for it and geeze…a lock.    Bye Bye frugal February – hello March Madness…..and yes I bought the Moosetini shirt too.




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