I was sitting in front of my laptop at 8am this morning thinking i really didn’t want to spend another day transcribing stuff…i just couldn’t bear it.  And i had the bright idea to dust off my boat and put it in the river..after all i hadn’t used it all summer and summers 2/3rd gone.  So one thing leads to another…i put my backpack back together with the binocs and camera etc.. and put the boat in the truck and CHECKED the battery since i had just left it out there.  of course it needed charging… now i COULD have gone out and rowed..but i loathe going backwards…don’t get me wrong i would kill for a nice tiny kayak because i dont’ mind rowing..i just miss all the great shots when i spook the wildlife before i see them.   I put the battery on the counter with the new battery charger, and wow it’s more than half charged, i only have to wait for the other half….that was 5 hours ago.   By 10 it was too late to bother putting the boat in…i’d have to hang around in the water until dinner time for the animals to become active again..and needless to say, last time i was out for 5 hours in the day, i burned myself badly.   So i said, well i can wait a little longer… and a little longer.

What did i do while i was waiting? well damnit, i didn’t want to start working, because as soon as the lights were all green on the charger i’d be leaving…so i did a LOT of small chores i had been putting off… and i mean a LOT.

• I pulled out the storage bin with all the spare electronics and cables etc..i always use zipcord to bundle cables.  this time i added ziplock bags and bundled all the old phones and devices with their manuals and cables. I even put all the extra USB cables into one bag.

• I finally moved the buttons on the two pair of cargo shorts i bought 4 months ago.  then i found the fabric glue and started the fix on the pair i use for biking, they have a tear where my ass got in the way of something with sharp corners.  oh….i found a FIX online for zippers that won’t stay up…you can paint the teeth with clear nail polish and damn it worked.

• I broke down all the empty boxes that the proof copies have come in. I need to save them for hopefully when folks start ordering them.

• I made elbow macaroni salad. – elbow mac has never been in my diet..but in the summer the damn stuff is dirt cheap…so we eat things made with elbow macs.

• As I was doing the puttering i finally found a use for this empty toolbox i have been moving from place to place looking for a purpose.  I started rounding up all the “Things to fix other things” and put them in once place.  The clear nail polish which was actually in the tool box,  sugru,  velcro, shower curtain hooks, glow in the dark paint,  various tapes, and magnetic bits…all the things that AREN’T tools, aren’t fasteners and aren’t tacks and tape. …this sounds stupid..but it ACTUALLY caused me to clean a number of small drawers and containers i took out the bits that went into the toolbox and dumped the rest in the trash.  This is a good sign….there’s a lot of this type of stuff in the workbench and shelf in the  closet which i have been working up to emptying.

I am still waiting for the battery to charge…which isn’t THAT big a deal, the boat is in the truck, if i have to wait for 6am to go in the water i’m okay with that. meanwhile i am still finding all kinds of weird crap to get done.

I splurged on a couple of clear plastic DOLL SAFES last week, it’s sort of a square tube.  The previous display containers i was using for Dickey Chapelle had basically just fallen apart, so i have been eyeing the top of the book case trying to figure out where i would put her and her friends when i ‘clean’ that shelf.  I took the occasion to wipe her off and actually fix the globe and anchor on her hat which hadn’t been completed.  Her pearl earrings seem to have fallen off, but to be fair they were only nonpareils glued on. Re: Dickey…kitbashed her about 10+ years ago, there SHOULD be a Dickey Chapelle action figure, so i made myself one.  On the shelf next to her is the Rosie the Riveter, and the Ernie Pyle.

I am still puttering i have a selection of material which needs to be loaded on ebay.  I am encouraged to load things, because once they are catalogued they are stored in the basement shelves and i can get them OUT OF MY OFFICE.

I still want to go out in the boat, i have had the boat shoes on and my sunglasses hanging around my neck i refuse to take them off until i’ve used them.









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