quick tour of a print shop . . . before they become extinct.

this is a wire stitcher, probably about 60+ years old. made of cast iron about 5 foot tall, it works perfectly well for stapling paper and books of all kinds.
it uses thin gauge wire in spools

yes it’s a light table – some people still use them.
my favorite machine, it folds and staples and the same time.
this little machine will double and triple fold paper.
this is a really powerful guillotine
this is a little shrink wrap set up
to shrink the final product.
have a little INK. it’s rubber based and doesn’t really dry out.
hole puncher, which resembles a drill press. cept the bit doesn’t spin.
one of the offset printing presses. the heart of the shop.
this is where the plates get attached.
this is where the ink goes in…sort of smeared in the trough and then it greases all the rollers until just enough lands on the roller with the plate.
this is the camera that shoots the plates for the offset printing press.

One Response to quick tour of a print shop . . . before they become extinct.

  1. Smokestack Jones October 8, 2006 at 6:50 am #

    Hey Joyce,

    Thanks for the trip down ol’ memory lane (for me that would be high school print shop).

    BTW, I’d give me left nut fer that light table (hell, I’d do that for a drawing board).


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