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So, far this has been a delightful holiday, for the first time in a week I wasn’t woken by the sound of jackhammers; the bill collectors must have the day off, since my phone hasn’t rung once and the tenants are all off on their sundry sprees. Aside from the hum of the PC and the pitter patter of little feetses, I have delicious quiet. Which I have punctuated by crashing and banging around the joint cleaning stuff. I dunno where it comes from but I just can’t SIT and do nothing (which is what my mother always called reading) until I have clean dishes, floor, bathroom and desk. The first three are easy, that’s only a sweaty morning, but the desk takes longer and longer each time . . . – ya think perhaps it’s because I have three of them? . . . over the years I have replaced silly useless things like dressers and dining tables with more work areas. (didjaknow that if you cut a 4′ x 8′ piece of laminated MDF twice, you end up with 3 work tables – two 2’x6′ and one 2’x4′ . . . just figured I’d share)

The desk top was one project wherein I just corralled things into further piles to be sorted later, the drawers are a different project altogether. But I did find a cache of USPS forms which I can never seem to keep in the same place. I shoved them & my non-forever stamps into a Moleskine Folder which was previously hold odd bits of nothing special. I still can’t find a few things I have misplaced ‘somewhere on my desk’ but now I know where they aren’t .

I may cap ff my day by replacing a bad ceiling tile, so i can get the ladder and stack of good tiles out of the kitchen where they have been for nigh on 6 months…but that may be just asking for trouble.

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