'R' is for reporter

. . . or it will be when I get my business cards. Still taking this whole journalism thing one day at a time. I know folks must be annoyed with me, as the Bullpen certainly went all to hell pretty quick. I certainly wouldn’t be reading this every day, but hey, money comes first and ya’ll are on the flipside. When I start eating regular I will start feeding the bullpen regular. Fair enough?

I spent all yesterday cruising the towns I will be covering looking for a few outstanding pictures . . . so far my best one is of ducks . . . . well and a cop. . . not having done this for a while. I figure one or two printable pictures a day is a good ratio.

worth reading • Rachel Jagareski has a nice column on home libraries in Biblio.com’s new ‘Unbound’ online journal.

banktoaster • Helen Crow of Pogo’s Place sent in this great online and need I say FREE? Logo Creator

something new • in the never ending quest of folks trying to find the end all and be all of bibliophilic news on the internet – someone has gone and wasted a perfectly good domain name and created a Digg-style ‘news’ feed specifically for news regarding books. Antiquarian Book News.

One of the reasons I don’t post as much ‘internet sourced news’ as I once did, is that everyone and their dog is doing it these days. It is a quick and easy way to fill a site or blog with unoriginal content, while you figure out what you really wanted out of your site. I cruise for a few things when I can, but Jeremy seems to catch the important stuff with Philobiblos (see sidebar) and for that I am grateful. But as far as reposting it here, if it’s not about someone known to us, who cares? We will eventually hear about anything that impinges on our lives,anyway. So you gotta figure out what’s worth bothering with. I clicked ABN and added it to my feed reader and moved on.

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