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manytoes2 People never tell you that gets worse as you get older…. then it’s like turning on a light switch – SNAP!  and  one day I just woke up and realized I had so many projects laying around unfinished that I just HAD to get done. Makes me wish I had many more appendages than I have now.

I have some unfinished works and needed to learn more about how publishing for the Kindle works. So, after tweaked the Kindle Version of Book Repair for Booksellers and lowered the price, I threw a small item up that I had been writing for about a year – Finding Money: over 400+ places to find spare cash in your life..don’t laugh it’s actually useful and it’s only 99 cents, how bad can it be? Did you know there was a Kindle app for the PC? I didn’t either. NO I am not plugging the kindle but I just thought it was interesting; if someone wanted to buy a book electronically they can indulge without buying an expensive device.

I built still another non profit website, this one for Lawrence Boxing Club, which is a non profit in an abandoned church.  Came out pretty good if I say so myself. I even added each kid’s picture to the Cafepress materials, they may never do anything but train and spar, but they can buy their picture on a shirt.

and speaking of Non Profit, I have been feeding the Animal Rescue Merrimack Valley site pretty regularly, including adding some of my Cafepress items to it this morning..not that anyone has ever bought anything, but hell it looks nice.  I am also editing a nice Vegetarian Cookbook for ARMV, if anyone has come recipes they’d like to donate to the cause.

The Methuen Rail Trail Project is heating up, I made some introductions between the City Of, and a non profit called Iron Horse Preservation that barters high carbon rail stock for a ready made Rail Trail.  All the footwork took some doing, this is the most traction I have had on this project in 2 years.

Aside from that I worked 4 veterinary clinics as a vet tech. And picked up more work with the US Census….I am learning a lot about my neighbors, I’d tell you more but then I’d have to kill you.

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