rain or shine

I learned my lesson about waiting for ‘time’ to use my boat. I avoided a couple of good days this week because the lying bastards we call forecasters said it would rain….however that turned out to be sun showers toward the end of the day, wasting what would have been delightful mornings. In the end I just thew her in Sunday morning at 5AM ish. It did indeed end up raining all day, but if I hadn’t gone out I would have missed finding the otter dens on the river bank. These days I keep my camera in the décolletage conveniently created by the flotation vest. This is the best shot of the adult otter I could get…because as my luck runs…the zoom has gone from my camera damn it.

spicket otter IN den

The Spicket river basically exists these days to control the spillage from a dammed up water body called Arlington Pond. During the summer, the rich white folks keep all the water to themselves for their various and sundry purposes, so the Spicket runs so low you can walk across it or in my case..nearly get stuck on it. I figured i’d have a hard time getting around inside the sanctuary and I was right, I tossed her in at the northern most point of the river in the state and after about a mile i nearly bottomed out. so no decent views of the Great Blue Heron rookery.

It was a tad problematic getting on and off the river with the waterline so low, in the end I ended up crawling up a muddy bank in a spectacularly inelegant manner; wearing all my equipment, and clutching the bowline in my teeth. But the low water gave me awesome images of the otter dens in the river bank; normally these would be underwater. Yeah..it was worth it.
more otter holes

The Census job seems to be spiraling down, which is breaking my heart…i got so used to actually PAYING bills when i got them instead of deciding which to pay. There has been a slight uptake in orders for erasers which put me in a tight spot since i quickly ran out and had to place a reorder. Summer time is usually when i start sliding backwards…. orders are nearly non existent and when they do start coming in again in August I have no stock to speak of. I try to keep busy with stuff like the rowing and the cycling..not to mention all the bloody volunteerism…because if i actually THOUGHT about the shambles of my life, I’d spend most of it with the covers over my head.

My brother and his missus have decided to force the sale of my home as soon as the economy allows. Whereas selling off a big old manse of leaks and apartments may seem like good bidness to them, I have been here 32 years straight and it’s a little unnerving. I have lived here longer than anywhere else. Regardless of the profit, I won’t be able to afford to buy another home in this city and will have to find somewhere else to be. See what I said about bed covers?


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