rain rain go away

I dunno about anyone else in New England but I started building an ark. My mom is doing good thanks for asking, she’ll be in ICU for a while. I have the urge to ask them to let me pull up an empty bed and some sedation for myself.

It seems everything tends to crash and burn at the same time…my dvd player died, my laptop took ill and still hasn’t recovered – no one has bought anything from sicpress in a week and I can’t even remember the last time I sold a book. The torrents of raining turning my basement into a damp cave is just over the top. Did I mention that the apt above me leaks into my kitchen and I have been blaming my poor dog?

In the meantime, I am listing books I haven’t listed before, delisting items I am tired of seeing. Trading in DVDs for actual cashy money. Taking stuff off Craigslist and Bonanzle and throwing it out on Freecycle: extra printers, tools, bicycles, even a bloody great dollhouse. The only frustrating part of selling to locals is getting them to show up, you are always afraid to say, “sorry I’m offering it to the next person”. Because then you get the old “i don’t have a car, i need to get a ride from my ex” yatta yatta yatta…way too much information. If you want something come get it, otherwise I have a nice big blue dumpster that takes away all my sins.

worth hearing • I spent many decades listening to comedy albums of some very observent people…and instead of experiencing deja vu, I experience moments when I hear voices in my head – Either it’s Bill Cosby trying to get the definition of a cubit to build an ark, or George Carlin – talking about ‘stuff’, the acquisition and the storing of same. But I can’t remember any funny rifts about divesting.

worth reading • Luckily the barter system is alive and well in the US Barter Economy: 14 Great Places to Trade Stuff Online

worth reading • from Small Living Journal, Radical Downsizing Techniques

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