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I’m liking this new mantra, passive aggressive money, so i pulled up the old edition of this which I now find extremely embarrassing. I rewrote it top to bottom condensing redundant material and adding new material, so in essence its more than 30% new material.  I did some new research but not a ton, so I’m thinking of  keeping a running log going and republishing at 1000 ideas.  i just need another 450 ideas.

Meanwhile as i mentioned before I also blew the print version up to a large print.  I keep developing style books as i go, from now on if i can do a digital version, a print version and a large print i will.  as for the distribution…the kindle version gets loaded on amazon directly so it will link to the print versions, but the digital versions for the other devices gets uploaded at smashwords which is proving to be tricky as it doesn’t like anything more then basic basic formatting. Createspace will distribute books to amazon et al for nothing but the sales fees, but to get distribution to stores for resale etc..i need to invest $25 in each title, so thats a per title decision.  If I’m not going to get 25 back in a year, it may not be worth it.

Meanwhile….i went back to work in the archival reprints that i put aside…i Can work on books or i Can work on marketing i can seem to work on both at the same time. 

aside from a new work that i have in mind…the manuscript is buried in an archive in boston so it will take a while, I’m trying to finish some titles that i already started.

  i get seasonal affective disorder something fierce in winter and I’m terrified that i will slack off…i need to increase the income cause the bills aren’t going away…ive lived without heat and hot water but electricity is my life blood.  the car insurance the phone and internet get paid right after the pet food and litter get bought. which makes restocking products to sell very problematic. i need to convert more wirds into money…maybe i need to start writing ransom notes.

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