Reading Diary Moleskine Cahier Hack

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Reading Diary Template for Moleskine Cahier

You needn’t use this template to print on a Moleskine, different printers have different placement and margins. So, you can make your own and the principle is the same. Moleskine Cahier pages are 8″x10″ so this layout is hedged toward the right top. I did find that Moleskine paper doesn’t have a laser finish. Printing on the first side is fine, but when sending the page back through some toner may flake off. Download pdf template

1. Disassemble a Moleskine Cahier, which is fairly easy.
2. Number the pages in pencil, this is important. You are working with pages that have already been back trimmed, and therefore the first and last leaves are wider than the center leaves. If you don’t put them back in the same order, you will get a ragged edge.

3. Flatten the pages and run them through your laser printer, first one side then the other. If it is a vertically fed machine, you may have to do it one page at a time, to keep the machine from grabbing more than one page or printing crooked.

4. Reassemble the pages in the order they were originally.
5. Resew the pages, using a blunt needle with a wide eye, crewel needles work well. For thread use something thick, like carpet or button thread. (of course bookbinding needles and thread are useful). Moleskine sewing involves starting INSIDE at one end, zig zagging through each hole to the other end and then starting back through the same holes and ending where you started. Tie a knot.

6. Decorate your cover as you like.

2 Responses to Reading Diary Moleskine Cahier Hack

  1. jgodsey May 9, 2007 at 4:29 pm #

    all fixed.

  2. Speedmaster January 5, 2007 at 7:47 am #

    Clever, and well-done!

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