reality check

WTF? Aren’t we going a LITTLE overboard here? I mean how many books did she HAVE out?

We have trustees STEALING hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of books from university libraries and national archives who don’t spend one day behind bars and this little nobody gets 6 days? Even Paris HILTON gets out in TWO!

Woman Jailed For Failing To Return Books
Family Can’t Afford Fine;

Woman Spends 6 Days In Jail
POSTED: 1:34 pm CST March 2, 2008
AP. BELOIT, Wis. —

In Beloit, failing to return overdue library books is apparently a serious offense. It landed Keely Givhan behind bars for six days. Beloit Public Library director Dan Zack said when books aren’t returned, the library sends three overdue notices. After the third notice, a citation is sent that could include court date. Givhan said she was in the process of moving so she never got the notices.When a police officer pulled her over for a traffic violation in November, the officer found out about her outstanding warrant and took her to jail.She and her family couldn’t afford to pay her fine so she remained in jail for six days.Beloit police Capt. Bill Tyler said he knows this case could sound like an overreaction. But he said a municipal fine is a municipal fine, and failure to pay for any reason can result in an arrest warrant being issued.

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