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As near to the bone as i am living lately, i somehow still find reasons to buy things that most people can justifiably say are non-essential. While pecking away in my less than warm and cozy office i got sick of trying to find SAFE storage for some of my collected research material. Open shelving isn’t cutting it. I don’t like file cabinets even if i had room for one. I have learned in the past they are very trecherous…you put stuff inside and it never comes fact, it just consumes and consumes and you end up buying more file cabinets. Been there, done that. So I need to settle on a plan for protecting my investments which will be ‘once and for all’ but doesn’t lead to madness of the packrat sort.

Over the last few years i have bought a couple of these Really Useful Boxes..back when they were considered trendy and hard to find…now they are easier to find..even Staples is stocking them now. Indeed they are a bit more expensive than your average made in China plastic containers…but they have two redeeming qualities..they are made in the US…(and other countries where they are sold) and their design,  which oddly I do find much more efficient than other plastic containers. I loathe the ones that flare or don’t stack, or don’t close properly etc.. I am really really trying not to invent rationalizations here…really i AM trying.

I have been buying about 1 or 2 a year. for a grand total of FOUR – one holds my lunch containers, one holds my large sewing notions, one holds computer accessories and one was pinch hitting……but now that Staples has a ready to be pilaged cache not more than 3 miles from my house, I have to really decide what is the minimum number I need to make my life complete. I bought TWO of the 9 liter size…and THAT took me 20 minutes to decision and internal rationalization. Yes I have a screw loose.

I dedicated the three of them to storing research, when they get cramped, i will have another internal argument over buying another two  and so forth…and if i ever have to move, they are already packed and ready to go with me….in fact they have a 17L box that holds hanging file folders which I have my eye on.


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