recent acquisitions

in case you were wondering.

Bangs, John Kendrick. The Bicycler and three other Farces. (1886)
Murphy, Dervla. Full Tilt: from Ireland to India with a Bicycle (1965) US 1st.
Dew, Josie. Travels in a strange State: cycling across the USA, (1994) reading copy
Johnson, Pamela Hansford. Cork Street Next to the Hatters: a Novel in Bad Taste (1965) 1st. a biblionovel i’m still looking for the bad taste parts.
Matthews, Brander. Ballad of Books. (1886) bibliopoems
Field, Roswell. The Bondage of Ballinger. (1903) 1st. another biblionovel.
Smith, H. Allen. Desert Island Decameron. (1945) a little something for the backpack.

Blumann. Photographic Greetings and how to make them. (1936)
Marshall, Lucile Robinson. Photo-Oil Coloring for fun and Profit (1944)
Alexander, Vera. Passe-Partout. (1930)
Buxton & Curran. Paper and Cardboard Construction (1916)
Dodds, Robert. Handicrafts as a Hobby (1939)

I don’t spend a lot of money on books for myself anymore. This covered all summer and they were probably all under 20 bucks ‘cept for the Dervla Murphy.

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