Yeah yeah, I briefly put up the call and response I got from Cara, but I realized I was in a foul mood and was being vulgar for the sake of being vulgar…not that i am not prone to that. but i really didn’t feel that passionately about it. i don’t care about her art one way or the other, it’s pretty and pleasing to the eye, my issue, which should have been plain, is that antiquarian BOOK SELLERS should not be her patrons. (I can’t believe I had to explain that)

Yes, there are lots of book artists out there making things out of old books. That’s fine – many, books deserve to die, arguably these days most shouldn’t even get born. But am I the only one who thinks that the only things old books should be made into are . . . more books? or at the very least recycled into boxes for other books.

Like most biblio-zealots I believe books are living breathing creatures, the grow old, they communicate, god knows they breed – why can’t we afford them some honor in death? Whatever their content, they are a medium for communication, for moving ideas from one person’s brain to another ones – they perform an honorable function in our society. Getting cut up and turned into something fleeting and clever for the sake of being clever is ignoble. Dead books should be fed BACK into the food chain.

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