remembering the rack

Look what I found!

These were making me CRAZY. I remembered them from when I was a kid. They had been VENDED ON A SPINNER RACK in tourist locations as souvenirs. I remember them vividly, or at least I remember standing in front of them begging my mother to let me buy them all. When I started publishing the SicPress series THIS was the image I had in my head. I kept trying to explain to people that these were not vended like other book series at bookstores. I wanted to replicate the image in my head of a spinner rack filled with local titles.

Now comes the interesting part. Once I found these few copies on the shelf at a local library I had enough to look up the rest of the series. I had remembered nothing about them, except that they were local titles. The series was called New Historical Series, with many of the books written by the same man. Turns out that these were from the late 60s and 70s out of Wakefield, as stapleback pamphlets. But the ones by Leo Bonfanti, which is most of them, became part of another series of books from OLD SALTBOX publishers in Danvers, somewhere in the 90s….Which I had seen many times on the shelves at the GLOBE CORNER BOOKSTORE in Boston, which no longer exists.

I don’t know why I didn’t put 4 and 4 together. Old Saltbox STILL vends their books on spinner racks in tourist locations. The strange part is that they haven’t expanded to include the internet. Their books appear spartanly on Amazon but not vended by them, usually by third persons at inflated prices. From their website, it looks like they are still pretty cheap. Now My brain is adding 4+4+5….I’d like to get the library and the farm store to carry MY OWN spinny rack, but these would also be a great profit making books as well, especially I used them to shore up my own titles. I think MORE local interest books is always better than less.

It’s an interesting bit of information, I wish i was better funded I would definitely buy these and distribute them, along with my books.

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