removing taped posters

I have been TRYING my best to start with the writing part of a book i am writing…i have been kicking ass with the research part..and sometimes i spend HOURS collating the research…meanwhile none of the hard part is getting done.   So I figured i would kick myself in the ass in a different manner.  last night i got out and tried video taping some of the crap that I have been doing….it’s a rather crappy tape… but not half bad for something i cobbled together with no planning, and no forethought.  I was a little miffed to find that my video editing software Studio 10  won’t edit what comes out of the iphone..for that i need to buy Studio 12….and since i can’t justify that expense…i used youtube’s free video editing software which for all it’s clunkyness…did an OK job gluing together all the little snippets i had shot. Few of the sections were over a minute so it’s rather wonky.  i Do have a video editor inside the iphone (there are a LOT of video editor apps) and if i had thought about it for more than a minute i would have used one of them before i ported the video out of the phone.  Once you pull it out it’s a bitch to get back in the bottle.  Like i said, next time i will try harder.  but it will be a while, i already pulled down all the bandit signs in town..and i draw the line at WISHING for a bandit sign.

I will go looking for a hands free solution to filming..the iphone also doesn’t like tripods.

IN case you were wondering this

I wanted one i could afford to lose and / or destroy..i still want a nice one..but you wouldn’t want to do to it, what i do to this one.


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