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i wasn’t going to cook for thanksgiving…i swear i wasn’t. my late friend marian taught me the key to holidays….take out. but there i was poking around the supermarket for bread and brie…and the lamb and green beans just said eat me and the prices were too good to pass up. i have been cooking a lot lately, one of the things i fall back on when i get broke beyond reason. customers stopped buying things from me last week, and this week, i have been getting ‘thinking of you’ messages from folks i owe money to. while i was looking for the cast iron, i found i own 7…SEVEN! 6″ cake pans. what the hell is up with that? i think perhaps i sleep shop. they should call it comfort cooking not comfort food.

to indulge in another habit, i am trying out a new blog…Well Enough Alone…i have been thinking about a cooking for one/helpful hint blog for a few years now. perhaps feeding a food blog will keep me motivated to keep cooking sensibly and not fall back on eating cheerios for dinner.

i will be poking around here thursday, i have a couple of college students coming around to buy some bicycles. and i brought in some books to repair for a client, i haven’t done that for a while.


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