report from the front – Bill Cole

This is simply too good not to share:

Recently I have been selling, on eBay, a guide on how to avoid buying fake prints (etchings, lithographs, etc.)

Naturally, there are many people who make their living selling fake prints on eBay, and they are up in arms about it. They have been harassing me in many interesting and creative ways. They even got eBay to end one of my auctions (a catalogue raisonné of the works of Modigliani) on the grounds that I was using an obscene picture. pictured top

The funny thing is that the book in question was published in Spain in 1970, under Franco’s fascist, notoriously puritanical regime. Yet because of the Christian Taliban, America the Formerly Beautiful has become–in some ways–even more tight-assed.

Wouldn’t it be great if people thought that tens of thousands of deaths in Iraq were even more obscene than a black-and-white reproduction of a Modigliani painting?

Bill in Barcelona

ps: The “unacceptable” picture is the one at the bottom, where a woman is–in eBay’s words–“touching her genitals” pictured right.

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