Report from the front – Carol in Colorado

Our own Carol Brussel from Laura Nevada’s Library was lucky enough to get a scholarship to this year’s 29th Annual Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar A Seminar for Booksellers, Librarians, and Collectors in Colorado Springs and is liveblogging for us.

8.6.07 –

its only day two and already capitalization is dispensable. a full, intense day of class ended with a short break for a lively dinner with five other lady seminarians, and then back to it for a class on book anatomy and physiology. the day classes focused on writing painfully accurate book descriptions. after opinions provided from different teachers, all of whom have variations in how they catalogue books, students were allowed to handle beautiful books, and were told to write a description. oh woe, oh agony, students were grappling with books everywhere. luckily, instructors were available to help.

of course, before we got to write about the book, we had a fabulous lecture about the creation of books as physical objects. the odd pieces of paper we were given turned out to be facsimile pages of old books, and with an awful lot of assistance, we origamied them into signatures. if you don’t know what a signature is, get outta the book business. or, rather, go to the book seminar. terry belanger, of the rare book school in charlottesville, va, is a softspoken but astoundingly knowlegeable teacher of anything book related.

in the afternoon we returned to the subject of technology and bookselling, and were treated to some instruction on the how and why of producing images of books. you can’t call them pictures, anymore. nada. its a new world, baby, and you are imaging your book. and a very important thing, too, because if you differentiate which of your customers are interested in buying the book as an object, as opposed to those buying your book for use, well, you gotta KNOW you need an image.

huh? yeah, right – well, it just proves you gotta go to the book seminar. its not even necessary that you be a book seller. it seems every other person here is a FOL person or collector or theologian or – well, something other than a plain old book seller. more later. all the saluting has made me weary.

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