report from the front – Carol in Colorado

Our own Carol Brussel from Laura Nevada’s Library was lucky enough to get a scholarship to this year’s 29th Annual Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar A Seminar for Booksellers, Librarians, and Collectors in Colorado Springs and hopefully will be blogging us daily.

7.31.07 – first thoughts

The call came through when I was on the plains. I cut short my pow-wow with the Cherokees, and headed back to the rockies. Don’t know why they picked the Springs. I know of sweeter springs closer to my home grounds, but boot camp must mean not arguing with the sergeant. Book learnin’? I guess I have to admit to comin’ up a bit short in that department, and I’m willing to throw my rope their way for a week. Plus some book wimmen comin’ in from Looziana and other parts west need some help spotting the trail, so I’m on it. The more the merrier, I say. Besides, the book wagon is a thirsty one and I can use some help with filling her up.

Books! A couple of piles attached themselves to me here, so my saddle bags are sagging. If we need some books to look at while we’re there, I can help with that. Meanwhile, smoke is blowing towards the west. Time to ride. Gentleman Jim is off in some other parts entirely, so I’m on my own. And besides, if I get back in time, I can hob-nob with my fellow wizards at the Book Fair. I’m expecting bear baiting, magicians, hurdy-gurdy music, polkas by night, and special book beer. I better not be disappointed, but my flask is full just in case. I can pull my hat down, kick up my horse, and be there in no time.

– carol

8.5.07 – day one

The first order of business at the book seminar is to sync up computers to the college’s system. My computer and a number of others have failed to make the grade at this first assignment. Many would-be seminarians are suffering from internet withdrawal.

Time is short due to the nature of shared computer. The opening function featured Marty Manley, CEO of Alibris. He spoke of the future of bookselling, and made a formal announcement henceforth to be known as “Manley’s Law 2007” – I’ll leave you to ponder this – “All analog media wants to become digital. All digital media wants to become free.”

– carol

huh? it may have sounded profound at the time, but that ain’t t-shirt material Marty. ed.

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