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27 February 2006

I went to NY to buy books. The Greenwich Village Fair was part of that equation.

The dealers at the Fair were very diverse… as were the prices.
It was a wonderful collection of books and dealers.

I did buy at the Fair. With one exception, I bought from dealers that I know…. who always seem to have material that I want for my stock or my own collection. I think that may be the case with people who go to fairs to buy…. that they gravitate to the people they know.

The one exception I mention had a bound volume of “The American Museum Journal” that I purchased for its content to read. I hope to do more with this dealer as he told me he had material back at his shop that might interest me…. for my personal reading and my stock. That brings into account the “residual effect” that buying or selling at a book fair can have. One can not always measure a fair by how much you sell at that venue…. or how much you are able to purchase. The “real measure” is in the relationships you start with “new people” and what happens in the days, weeks and months following the event.

It is my hope [or dream] that book fairs return to being a place where book people come together for buying and selling. A place where I can touch and feel and maybe read a few lines from the book I want. And.. a place where you can do the same with the books I bring. And… a place where we can talk about books.

ABE and Amazon… whether they join or continue to be separate… are doing their best to ruin the collectible book market. They let everyone in the door to sell…. and “let the buyer beware”… As we all know…not all books are created equal…. whether they be rare, out-of-print, or just collectible for the content.

Best to all and regards,

Charlie Peterson – Candlestick Books

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