report from the front – Tijuana Bookfair

The last of three postings of photos of the Tijuana bookfair went up to the Tijuana Bible blog this morning.

Yesterday was the last day of the fair. There were more new books and fewer used books than in the few past years I have attended and attendence seemed a bit off. Overall tourism is down by 30% this year in Tijuana and it appeared to hurt the book fair.

The drop in tourism is ascribed here to alarmist announcements by the US State Department about the dangers of travel to Mexico. Nonetheless undesirable elements from the United States continue to come. Donald Trump is building a 400 unit condo with accompanying shopping and entertainment features in Playas de Tijuana just a few kilometers south of us.

The fair was fun though. As always (as you can see from the photos) lots of children were in attendence. Our ecology group from Playas, Las Gaviotas, had a small booth for 2 days. I picked up a couple of nice pieces on Baja history and 6 books on bullfighting, two of which had very beautiful calf bindings over their intact wrappers.

The fair is for two weeks around the end of May each year. Hope to see you here next year. Two more years and I can exhibit!

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