. . . and so it goes, apparently they have changed the regulation so that now you HAVE to take packages over 13 ounces TO the post office, and giving it to a carrier is no longer the equivalent of giving it to a postal clerk. And to make matters worse no matter what 800 number I called I cannot get them to tell me WHICH postal regulation it is, so that I can read it for myself.

This is extremely annoying as I can’t actually USE my post office. The annex in Methuen is basically a bunker populated by folks who aren’t actually on their ‘A’ game. And regardless of what time of day you go, there is only 1 window open and a line out the door. So for the past 10 years I have been driving to the next town and using that spiffy new post office with folks who aren’t likely to be mistaken for garden slugs.

My biggest question is why they hadn’t thought to share this new change with the customers. Probably some sort of homeland security thing.

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