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This is sort of kinda book related.

Animal Rescue Merrimack Valley is trying to raise funds to pay for the medical care for all the kittens and cats we have been taking in lately. We must have 50 kittens in foster care alone. I have a pregnant mother in my bedroom right now, the foster home will take her when the babies are born, births are a little tricky. ARMV also runs a low cost and No cost spay clinic every week so that the folks who can’t afford it, can get their cats fixed. But it doesn’t stop them from leaving them in empty apartments when they move. I must have picked up 6 that way this summer. My Animal Control officer calls me in weekly.

We joined this review for money fundraiser, but it expires in 15 days. I can’t write THAT many reviews alone. Despite my insomnia and my speed typing.

If anyone has 5 or 10 minutes to spare could you log in and write a few business reviews?
I am trying to tag as many bookstores and such as I have can. We get 1.50 for each 1st review and .50 for additional reviews.

So you could review your own store, or a friends…or whatever you like.

If you all could lend a hand this would do very nicely.

Thank you all.

Just click JOIN THIS FUNDRAISER, you will have to log in with basic information, just name, zip and password

(these are a couple of kittens we picked up this summer. I am getting better at taking their pictures.)

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