So far no good, I moved through the lowest tier of bars in town and now I am glad handing bar owners in the middle of the pack. Granted that would be were I prefer to work..the lower tiers would be social clubs with smoking, but without any bar experience I am shit out of luck.  I did mention that I had many hours of baby sitting under my belt- i figured that would be close enough. I know I know I really need to know a guy who knows a guy, but the problem is I don’t know enough guys.

Doesn’t matter too much, no one is hiring anyone right now and I have enough end of year projects to keep me busy 24/7. I always save big projects for New Years eve….wallpapering a room, inventory etc… this year I am switching my office and my workshop, so that can actually have an office with a door. As for the workshop, most of that stuff is in cabinets so it is relatively safe from tiny inquisitive paws.

I rebuilt one website over Christmas and have my eye on rebuilding the site as well.  The pain in the ass there is that I have to shoot all new product photos to go along with a revamp.  Perhaps I will just do the site and do the photos AFTER the big room switcheroo – that will give me a closed door room where I can set up a lightbox in safety.  yep that sounds like a plan. New Year new website, new photos.

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