restoring science

stalwart alert • it’s been a while, we have been adrift in a sea of idiocy for the last 8 years. The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology which has met repeatedly in New Orleans will no longer meet there “in large part” due to a state law that he says weakens science education. Specifically that backwards ass “SB 561” which gives science educators more latitude in discussing issues such as evolution and global warming. At least scientists have a backbone.

obit of note • Alfred A. Knopf Jr at 90. If I am not mistaken we have very few ‘publishers’ left. All we have left are corporations owned by other corporations, with layers or bureaucracy shielding them from publishing actual ideas.

worth reading • from the Guardian – Ian McEwan reveals how he gave Salman Rushdie shelter in a Cotswold cottage just after fatwa was issued.

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