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3-men-fish900x510I have entered into what I call the doldrums for reading…i have double my normal amount of books from the library, yet I turn my nose up at them in favor of rereading old favorites. I guess I am not very adventurous, I’d rather reread Three Men in a Boat to say nothing of the dog several times a year than skip it in favor of reading something not half so satisfying. I recently went through Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods again, on audio…i can’t bear to read the book, I would miss his marvelous delivery – not many authors  can be called raconteurs anymore.walkInWoods

That’s another way my reading habits have changed…I have so much non fiction reading and studying to get through, I can’t rationalize time spent reading fiction. Whenever I curl up with a good novel I feel guilty. But not so with the audio version. I can get through books twenty discs long if I have work enough to keep me busy. I have reread Stirling’s Island in the Sea of Time at least three times but this time I am merrily in the middle of the audiobook while I do some editing. Sometimes when I am through typing away, I shut the overheating PC off and just put my head down to get to the end of the disc. Wait did that sound weird? it was weird wasn’t it. whatever….meanwhile I have a stack of books from the library and three that arrived in the mail that I am ignoring in favor of a book where I know the ending. now that was weird.

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