rewritting history

I saw this listed on the net for $200 dollars…i had that doll when i was a kid, 40+ years ago, it was over 3 feet tall. i don’t remember what happened to her, cept that over time she took a beating and i remember having to fix her a few times. I could use being fixed today. i had a bad morning, the previous mayor muddied the water with the new development director so without even meeting me he thinks i’m a bitch. the opinion of those who know is that they are rewritting history by blaming my pushiness for their inadequacies. whatever. hate humans anyway.

i seemed to have slacked off on my goal of halving my property. when i get stressed i like to look for the next ‘fix’ – i went to a shop for a product i need for work, i bought a big fat graph paper notebook that i don’t need. it was $14 but i had a coupon…i haven’t a clue what i would write in it..but i just like the way it felt in my hands. oh joy another blank book for my collection of books i can’t bear to write in. i do have a screw loose.

mud season has a serious hold on me, last couple of days i have started off very busy, packing orders, answering emails and such but by midday my energy level tanks and all i can get done is mindless busy work. Dilly is staying here for a while, the animal control officer passed her to me a couple of weeks ago. She took a week to relax now she is seems ridiculously happy little dog. but we need to work on the whole housebroken thing, it must be a chihuahua thing. Brought her to the clinic last monday and she was a huge hit, greeted all the people and pets, with one person nearly interested in adopting her. as the weather warms up, i will be able to take her more places. I find that’s the easiest way to get them adopted. The Fox Terrier I placed last month is doing awesome, that new owner calls me all the time to thank me.

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