road trip

Last Thursday I put my wedding flatware up on ebay……i knew i had sold it for too little, cause it was only up for a couple of hours.   But what the hell, i got $250 straight away and it was enough to get me to Greenfield on Friday.

I guess i was too stressed about whether i should go or not go. on one hand it seemed like a terrible waste of money and time, on the other hand i needed to know if this was the right decision…if the place was going to live up to my expectations or perhaps i was painting it in rose colored sepia tones because i wanted it to be.

Regardless it was really my only chance to get there anytime soon, so i swapped cars with a friend Friday morning…. of course he just handed me a key and i handed him a flathead screwdriver with a 10 minute lecture about all the things that don’t work, and what to if it doesn’t start. Turns out he didn’t use it at all that day…..wise decision.

I tried making some voice notes while i was driving… my memory is for shit these days…it worked out well, i must try to remember to do that more often.  Doing it in the car folks just thinking you talking to someone else, instead of just talking to myself which is what i am really doing.

The 2 hour drive was not as eventful as it was enlightening. I had to take note of a couple of remarkable things… route two leaving the Boston suburbs is your standard 2 lane divided highway designed for mass morning migrations…but stay on it for another 40 miles and the same Route devolves into just a plain ordinary city street that runs through the heart of a small town.  For someone who rarely leaves Eastern Mass and even then only to go to other places on the eastern seaboard, it was deeply disturbing to put locations so clearly into context.


The other notable part of the trip was landscape related, the surrounds of the highways in essex county are quite green for the most part, but drifting out towards central and western mass, the landscape just FELT greener.  I can’t explain it any other way.  It was like all the urbanization just fell away like i was shedding a layer of skin.   if i had gone the same distance into southern new hampshire or even maine, I would not have felt the same way.  i was only 40 miles away but i could have been 4 states away.   I liked that feeling and I want to experience it again.  Almost immediately.

One of the stops I made on Friday was the Franklin county Chamber of Commerce who loaded me up with two pounds of paper – much of the economy depends on tourism, so they are loaded for bear when it comes to promotional material.  Not hardly so in Essex county, we may as well hand out bumper stickers that say don’t let the toll booth hit you on the way out.

Note to self, next time bring more quarters.  Parking is always available, but at a price.




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