rocks in my head

I have had these rocks in my head for a year now.  These are broken up foundation boulders from an old house that was taken down a few years ago.  Now that the rail trail project is due to begin construction within THIS century, I wanted them for trail furniture.  Lucky for me the location is becoming the new home for the credit union and they didn’t need them.  But how does one move a dump truck’s worth of granite boulders?  yeah…me no idea neither…but i found out today the developer is just going to pick em up in his dump truck and drop them where i want them.  yay.

The rocks were weighing heavily on my mind….they were free yes…but until they are in my hands they aren’t really ‘mine’…there is always the slim chance of them being regifted to someone who OWNS their own dump truck. It was a big deal for me…i have a ZERO budget for the rail trail…so anything we need has to be found, given or stolen.  So far i am three for three.

Today was eaten up by rail trail meetings…which is all to the good.  When i am dead and buried there will be a small patch of bike path running up to new hampshire from methuen..probably with my bones crushed into the pavement.








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