Rollie holiday

Undeterred by my empty shopping bag yesterday, today I nipped – if you can call it that – about 40 mins away to take advantage of Richard Mori’s moving sale up in Amherst NH. As you can see he isn’t any closer to moving than he was at the beginning of the sale, so the more people who buy stuff the better. I made a tidy pile of my favorite things only to find the swipe machine was down – so sadly I will have to go back and buy them in a few days – and more besides no doubt.

Needless to say that if I head out with the intention of spending money, I don’t let a little thing like that deter me. So, after a quick bread pudding and Linzer Cookie at the Dutch Epicure Bakery next door. I cruised the Antique shop next door and what did i find kiddies? (you REALLY want to click on the pastry case pic)

My birthday present to me – a 1959 Rolleiflex 127 TLR camera, (Glad i didn’t buy that carved horse.) Granted I haven’t shot film in 4 years and this model Rollie takes special film that I will have to order from Canada, but I have always wanted a Twin Lens Reflex camera. Perhaps point and shoot digital makes you lazy. Now, if only I had enough pennies to by an SLR digital . . . I guess I take things one toy at at time.

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