Roman Holiday of Portunalia*

birthdays •
1930 – Ted Hughes, English poet (d. 1998)
1932 – V. S. Naipaul, West Indian-born writer, Nobel Prize laureate

ya think? • John Mortimer of Rumpold fame claims Britain is in danger of “selling out to fascism” in the way it is dealing with the threat of terrorism. why should the US be the only one’s doing it?

mitzvah • Alabama’s Cullman County Coterie Club project delivers hundreds of books to soldiers serving in Iraq.

feeling safer? • Vermont St. Michael’s College professor Nick Clary had 12 years worth of scholarly research on “Hamlet” impounded by British airport officials.

cool stuff • Amazing Spider-Man comic book reprints are being offered as inserts in some US newspapers. The first insert, which reprints 1962’s inaugural “Spider-Man” comic book, is slated to appear this Sunday. Other installments of the webslinger’s adventures will be available weekly through December.

* Portunes was a god of keys and doors and livestock

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