room at the inn

960094_10201589642355202_1221756129_n I can’t relax, i am always inches away from crying, i ate an entire package of cookies today, and took two showers…the lawyer quit…for hours I was just going back and forth through her to Himself’s lawyer over and over, that if they wanted me to sign paperwork i had nothing to do with, they were going to have to sign with my broker. And from 20 miles and through 2 lawyers i could hear my brother having a temper tantrum…He threatened to let the house go into forclosure, he threatened to take me to court, he threatened all sorts of things…and much of the stuff i have am hearing are lies..and damn lies. My lawyer wasn’t really up to the task of having to filter through all the lies.

My brother’s goal was to seperate me from my legal representation, my broker and get me into a position of submission. He’s got one for three…i have lost this lawyer, i do have a line on another, a tougher one, but he’s out of the office, so i have to wait to hear back. Meanwhile I am clinging on to my broker for dear life, she’s the only one i trust, so far we haven’t lied to each other and are trying to filter out what are lies and what are damn lies. There is SOMETHING going on i don’t know about… The lawyers office claims to represent my brother as well as the bank which i really didn’t think was legal. They are sending someone out monday with the papers, but i am still looking for a lawyer to give me an opinion before then. I really don’t want to slip any further backwards.

I’m broke, i am always broke, being broke doesn’t scare me, it just depresses me… I can accept that if my brother manages to rip me off as he is planning, i will be broke for the rest of my life. And most likely homeless. Though i had lined up a couch to sleep on, me and my 10 cats and chihuahua….Minnie is doing wonderful in her new home, and the Kittens are doing awesome warming up to their new owner. Still hoping for a home for Charlie and Sammy. The rest aren’t going anywhere, they are the misfit toys, their my roommates even if i don’t have a room. I’m trying to talk myself out of ordering a pizza delivered, not cause i’m hungy, just lonely and bored.

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