row row row dat boat

boat9So I bought this boat. Remember the boat? yeah well it took me a couple of years to work up to it. If you remember, I don’t swim. it was scary for about an hour.  Now I’m actually pretty handy with it.

Yesterday I even sat on a bridge with my legs hanging over the river…something i have NEVER been able to do.  Still not the least bit interested in swimming but boats don’t scare me anymore.

I couldn’t find any American books on jon boats or row boats, though lots of material on canoeing and kayaking.  Americans are really only interested in sporting around, anything beyond that involves motors or at the very least sails. jackdecrow But poking around in the UK databases I found a few very readable books. My favorite so far is The Unlikely Voyage of Jack De Crow: A Mirror Odyssey from North Wales to the Black Sea by A. J. Mackinnon. This is hysterical nearly as funny as my favorite Three Men in a Boat. Apparently the ‘Mirror’ is a particular kinda of dinghy beloved to true Britishers or at least those that hold the Swallows and Amazon children’s books dear to their hearts.

I have this still to read by Sam Llewellyn, yes a mystery writer in the US, but basically a UK boating writer The Worst Journey in the Midlands: One Man, a Boat and the British Weather sounds tragically funny.

25menAnother funny book on the list is Two and a Half Men in a Boat by Nigel Williams, wherein he follows the course on the Thames of the original Three Men in a Boat, not a very well known travel book I guess, I got it for a penny.

For more practical reading AMC has the Quiet Water Series, Canoe and Kayak Guides to the Best Ponds, Lakes, and Easy Rivers I am ordering Quiet Water New Hampshire and Vermont I don’t know if i will use it much, but its entirely possible I will get bored puttering around in my little Sanctuary.

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