rowing forward

For you the census is over…well for me it is and all those hundreds of thousands hired by the government 6 weeks ago. We are all now officially out on our ass…for me it got really funny…through a constant process of attrition there were only 4 people left in my crew and my crew leaders crew leader told him to fire two of us and he did….dickless called me on the phone and said ‘you’re being fired for inaccurate data.’ that’s when i knew something was fishy…inaccurate data? me? hardly…you can fire me for lots of reasons..i’m a pain in the ass in so many ways..but bad data? yeah right, pull the other one..that’s when i called one of my many spies and found out that the trigger was pulled from a great height. Easy come easy go, what a country.

Just as well, I’m too busy with all my non paying jobs to worry about the one that has been paying the bills.   Don’t get me wrong from time to time someone actually BUYS something from…shockingly someone even bought a BOOK recently…but this is getting ridiculous, i need to find  way to keep the wolf from the door permanently….perhaps i should invest in a sign that says “Pets or Meat.”

waterlilies And in keeping with the way the universe organizes my life for me, a bunch of crap all comes to a head at exactly same time.  I finally have time to get out in the sanctuary and my camera decides i need a new one. It’s like going to yard sale with no pocket money. Harumph.
It shoots when it wants to, so, I get a few shots then a lot of nothing.  I got one mildly good check coming from uncle sam’s bastard children, the question is Camera or utility bill?  yeah right  – Camera.

In case you are wondering ….no George the most awesome cat in the world has not returned…neither has my other cat Tobey,   a cat who hardly ever left the porch stairs, disappeared one day without a trace.   Last time I heard – at least 5 other cats were missing from my neighborhood, but I can’t get anyone to give a shit.  We have no Animal Control officer anymore  and the real police were down right abusive to me…well the recent layoffs may have left them a bit surly.  The only cat I let go out now is Moby…let is a little figurative…he comes and goes as he can’t really tell a 25 lb cat no…he just laughs  and shows you his ass.

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