Rust Bucket Queen

raleighLtd-3AI decided on the next project I to work on…ignoring all the other unfinished ones of course… I spent a couple of hours Monday at the Portland Gear Hub restoring a ’74 Raleigh Sport which someone had donated.  It is still not finished, it needs tires, and a seat and some brake handles… but I happily cleaned her within an inch of her life. While I was doing that…which is like my 5th or 6th time down there working on bikes, I noticed I seem to be drawing a following, people asking me HOW to do what I was actually doing, I even had one young man wanted to browse my bucket.  Yes I bring my own bucket of supplies. I hadn’t actually THOUGHT what I was doing was that interesting.

I was already approached by a couple of the local women bikeheads, who want to do a women’s repair workshop in the spring. I felt very odd about that, I don’t know shit about MODERN Bikes, I only know how to clean up old ones and put them back the way they are SUPPOSED to look. Same thing i can do with an old camera or an old typewriter. Show me a derailleur on a bike with more than 5 speeds and I draw a complete blank. Show me a 3 speed Sturmey Archer hub invented in 1936 and I’m your girl to show you where the oil goes. I need to nip THIS bull in the bud before I get committed to doing something way beyond my ken.

The next 15 minutes I get, I am going to start breaking down WHAT I do to an old bike into a 10 minute TED style talk…so if they want me to contribute to their conclave, i will at least be able to expound on something I KNOW about…..and if i am a very good girl, I may put it out as a KINDLE publication.  I may need to start bringing the BIG bucket.

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