Rusty buckets

So a while back, i bought some Gamma lids for 5 gallon buckets with the brilliant idea to store tools in them, specifically to feel secure about leaving them in the back of the truck. One if the drawbacks to having a truck is a limited amount of dry long term storage. Those bed sized tool bins work great if you are 12″ taller than i am.

Anyway so i put these leakproof gamma lids on my buckets, i put the tools in the buckets … Different buckets fir different chores… Graffiti removal, trail work, etc…and i put the buckets in the truck and voila rusty tools because leakproof doesn’t mean what it used to mean.
After spending the entire day off line -hey i was in the house i just didnt want to deal with things- i ended up doing mindless chores, what i like to equate to organizing the spice rack. I washed my tools.

Mind you i lost all my good tools a few years ago i dont remember how they disappeared but they did. Ive been trying to replace them slowly. Watch out for the craftsman tools from walmart. They rust if you look at them sideways.

Tools have always been one of my weaknesses. I will stand in a tool aisle happily comparing and contrasting for hours. As broke as i am i can always find a way to rationalize another pair of pliers.

So i broke out The barkeepers friend, im out of straight up oxalic acid and this has a large percentage. Oxalic acid crystals delightfully removes rust from metal with soaking. After derusting i ended up with the fewest number of tools i have ever had and some of those are bike tools.

And as you can guess i am having a serious internal struggle fighting the urge to take a tool inventory and try to replace tools instead if waiting until i NEED to.

Oh the internal struggles i must survive!


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