santized for your protection

worth reading • From Engadget, a report on Apple’s new trick…they are not only booting Apps from the IPhone store for random, self serving and silly reasons . . . but their latest trick is to censor dictionary software for blue words. I’m giggling because this is so 20th century, it’s Victorian even in its obsession with NAUGHTY WORDS. Really man, if you are gonna shoot your product straight in the foot, this is definitely the most entertaining and salaciously STOOPID way to go. So what if Apple wants to be the Walmart of the internet? prescrubbing their product before exposing the public’s delicate sensibilities to four letter words as ‘SHIT’ . The part that I find most aggravating about the story is that they seem to have singled out Ninjawords’ dictionary app for special Bowdlerization, and there are reputedly other dicationary apps on the Iphone store that haven’t been targeted. This smells like yesterdays fish…but that just could be my dinner.

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