saturday supplement

worth reading • in the NYT Sunday Book Review about reading “jumbo Lit”

well worth reading • David Sedaris discusses his new collection of comic essays at Newsweek Online.

obit of note • Southern Novelist George Garrett Is Dead. no offense but i don’t really pay attention to an author unless they are dead anyway.

something new • the guardian has a review of Mary Roach’s new book which BTW i just finished: Bonk: The Curious Coupling Of Sex And Science.

worth seeing •
I caught Starting Out in the Evening, on Netflix’s Instant Watch (which by the way is worth EVERY damn penny). Langella plays an old writer, who has shut himself off from life, and become mired in his last novel for a decade. The film spends a lot of time TALKING about the art in literature in a way other films never do. This is the trailer from Youtube, but I don’t think the trailer does the film justice. The Roger Ebert four star review is a better pitch.

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