Savvy shopping

or how do i love my smart phone let me count the ways

I have been fussing back and forth with a couple of IPhone apps looking for the ‘perfect’ one to use for my grocery lists…but until I learn how to write my own App there is no PERFECT grocery list app. There are some that let you enter your data by hand, there are some that let you scan it in and do both…you can save your data, but most don’t do comparison shopping..i’d like one that lets you scan, enter, save and export data, as well as track what you have in your cart and calculate your bill..but alas that presently takes 3 apps.

Today I settled on one Shop Savvy, That’s the things they don’t warn you about app addiction there are so many that do the same things, or similar things, that it can get hard to decide – but that’s what you HAVE to do: pick one and stick to it; otherwise you get caught up in mental infinite loop.

ShopSavvy does this cool thing where you can scan the barcode and it will compare online prices to LOCAL real world prices. That’s worth the price of admission. You can save barcoded products to your own lists, and even export them via csv file. This morning I FINALLY figure out how to use it as a dynamic shopping list. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before. But all items are in separate lists..vegan, cleaning supplies, groceries etc.. (I even have some barcoded items that represent produce i will buy that obviously won’t have codes) items can also be on more than one list..SOme of them i have on lists representing different stores..Walmart, Home Depot etc… SO I created another BLANK list called Shopping. WHen i need something I add it to that list as well..and while i am shopping I will delete the item from the lists when i put it in the cart. I will just have to keep the running total in my head. Or at least I will when my paycheck makes it into my bank acct again…

Just Figured i’d share – the app is also available for Android…good god i love my smart phone.

BTW I learned another trick this morning…some items i don’t have in house but i want them on my shopping lists, if i couldn’t make ShopSavvy find them in its database I just found them online and scanned a picture of a barcode….you know you can do that right?


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