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This arrived this morning..worth the extra 3.99 for the overnight shipping. Now i am happily scanning away the PILE of shit that i have been squirreling away waiting for a day when i could do this. Not just previous Epson had a LOT of mileage on it, it had corrosive things spilled on it, scratches on its glass and finally it started making bad noises. I had an HP scanner that was supposedly perfectly useful, but after fussing with it for a week and a half I was ready to throw it in the dumpster which would have been wasteful. If you get used to working quickly with a tool that suits your needs, converting to something that is creates obstacles is like trying to work with one hand tied behind your back. THAT was my rationalization for taking money out of my savings and ordering this baby yesterday for $130, turns out it was on sale for another $10 off which led me to spend the $4 for the overnight. I am LIKING this Amazon Prime shit. And hence i am spending the day getting stuff scanned into that brand new HARD DRIVE that i spent the money on the other day.

Good god i have spoiled myself lately…new PC, because the old one broke, NEW Hard drive, because the old one broke, NEW scanner, because the old one broke. BUT unlike previous years i have been putting money into a savings account specifically for REPLACING stuff when it breaks. yeah i know..50 years IN and i am figuring out this savings thing right? Traditionally my rationalization is NOT to buy anything until A the original one stops doing its job and B it costs me money to NOT buy it. I can live for 2 years with no clothes drier and i lived 6 years with no bathroom sink, but I can’t last more than a day without a computer, and all the other attachments to go with it. Watch me without an internet connection and i get the DTs.

I FEEL like i have been on a spending spree lately, but from what i see OTHER people doing with their money, I guess I am totally not.   I have rules about buying stuff and my rules are getting a workout. So it the scanner, i have already cleared the piles of TO BE SCANNED off my desk, now i have to start editing all that crap.

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