scarlet letter

2011-04-02_15.59.35 I don’t even know why i bother trying to sleep anymore…its kinda pointless, when i am just going to get up 4 or 5 times in the night. As expected the truck didn’t pass inspection…the accumulated little things that have been breaking down on my 21 year old truck seemed to have pissed off the mechanic doing the inspection cause they slapped the sticker on without even an ‘i’m sorry lady’ – fuckers. Aside from needing new tires which it wouldn’t be getting anyway, most of the other problems can all be traced back to an electric bundle inadequacy that require the dash and steering column to be necropsied…the labor for which exceeds the price of the truck. Not to mention i still owe the mechanic $400 from the last visit – gone are the days when i could just trade bad sex for passable servicing. there’s a joke in there, but i’m tired.

My current mechanic is a good bloke, he just shrugged it off and said, ‘now you dont have to get anything fixed’ – i am so not in the mood to drive around with a big red A on my windshield, but he don’t think it’s no big thang. We’ll see- it and I are going to Maine friday to drop off a cat and shoot the shit with one my friends there. I really need to get my brain into some sort of gear regarding the new publishing series, i seemed to have gotten overwhelmed trying to grasp the plan and just decided not to think about it. Once i have some money to invest i can cut some corners, buying rare copies and farming the work out. So my plan is to wait and pay a premium later for my laziness now.

That’s not to say i’m not doing SOMETHING with my days…i did visit the pawn shop today, i really don’t have anything they’d pay much for….but they do have a pretty extensive collection of power tools…and i got a little black

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and decker palm sander to take out my frustrations on the cedar wardrobe. at least i will be DOING something constructive with my stress and frustration…this eating and weeping isn’t producing anything but gas.

hencklesI set my mechanic the task of finding me a replacement truck when the time comes…he asked me if i knew what i wanted…to which i laughed…after all these months of naught to do but pretend spend money i don’t have, i not only know what truck i need, but what flatpack furniture i want, what reproduction flatware (henkels reproduction of a 1876 service) and what vintage dishes…i have built and rebuilt my imaginary castle in the air more than a barbie dreamhouse. So I set him off to find us a Toyota Tacoma 4wd with less than 56k miles from outside the road salt zone…for as little as humanely possible…that should keep him busy, i may as well pay him the fee i would have to pay a broker – my mechanic is basically like my bookie…whenever i get a little money, i pay him off first, because the alternative is unthinkable.


I did learn some stuff while doing my ‘RESEARCH’ – you know when i call it that, i feel less shallow and materialistic – I did find that the cheap porcelain dinnerware poor folks would have been eating off in the 1870s, we charge a premium for 138 years later. Reed and Barton has a kick ass immitation of a period transferware but for that price i can buy actual 100 year old pieces. I settled on brown transferware of the aesthetic period some patterns are grotesquely expensive but much of it is cheap and cheerful, especially if you aren’t picky about condition. It makes me happy to look at it, though i am not allowed to BUY anything for the new house until i actually HAVE A HOUSE…

I tried imagining my life in something else… don’t think i would be a very good neighbor in a condo complex, 10 cats, bicycle boat books and all, i would easily outgrow such a small space, my other option would be some sort of trailer park with other poor foks – the ones with nascar stickers and lawn ornments that spin around…that just makes me want to shoot myself in the head. My best option will be a cheap house that doesn’t have too much wrong with it, i can’t live with. there’s a very cheap house for sale in biddeford, right next door to the city winter hockey pond and the town cable television station..inappropriate for any solar power and a real fixer upper, but maybe i can sweep up at the tv station.

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