scavenger hunt

2015-01-30 13.20.31-2I feel like I am doing a scavenger hunt….before Monday, I’m trying to collect all the items I may NEED to buy in the next month.  I know it’s ridiculous and extreme and very OCD to do it this way. Why bother? I’m a grown up and no one’s keeping score, it’s not like i’m going to be prevented from getting these things later.  I think it just makes it more fair and easier to judge if I completely abstain from going INTO stores to get just that one thing.  WHY give myself the headache? we both know I have ABSOLUTELY no self control.  So I have unloaded quite a bit of money so far… shampoo, excedrin, cat litter, new charge cable for the iphone.   Mind you I DO HAVE extra cat litter and dry cat food for that matter, but it is under about 20 cubic feet of snow right now, so let’s not talk about it.   I don’t have near enough wet cat food for the month, both of the places I could get it were bare. So I ordered it from Dollar tree and I will collect at the store when it comes in which should be in 10 days when I run out. That works, right?

2015-01-30 18.54.42I also confess to doing a little preemptive spontaneous shopping.  There were a couple of books teetering on the edge of my shopping basket, not expensive ones… but I had cleared the decks so to speak.  After I ordered a couple of chrome latches for the kitchen cupboard.  I deleted nearly everything in my ebay watch list, and turned off all my searches, even the craigslist ones, ‘cept for the FREE local item category – of course.

But one of my very favorite things leapt to its death tonight – and I absolutely HAD to replace it.   I hadn’t realized I used this pitcher for everything, watering the fish, cats and plants etc. .. it was JUST RIGHT, you know?….so i replaced it exactly for $20 plus shipping…even though it originally cost me $3.  But it is one of my ‘rules’ that if I lose something I that ACTUALLY use i am allowed to replace it with the EXACT same thing….I  had to make that rule…cause what used to happen was that i would find an inexpensive replacement and not like it as much, so i find ANOTHER one and so forth and end up with three of something I DON’T use. Hey, it sounds like a   rationalization but it actually WORKS for me.  I am maintaining my equilibrium of STUFF.

IMG_0024Speaking of STUFF, I am letting go of 1693 Sophocles… hey, I’m a book SELLER, RIGHT?… Besides it was lonely  – turns out a buddy of mine HAS a 1693 Nostradamus…from the same publisher…and look at it…SAME bookbinder!, now that’s serendipitous right?   I think I gave him a good price – I feel comfortable and he snapped it up.  I WANT to see a picture of both of them side by side.   So that should replace some of the money I just pissed away.   Easy come, easy go.



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