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super shopping • Shakespeare’s legendary first folio is to be sold and may fetch up to £3.5m. Although 750 copies were printed only a third survive and most of those are incomplete. Even the complete ones have bits missing or are in replacement binding. The only comparable edition to appear at auction is an edition known as the Houghton copy sold in 1980 and now in Tokyo.

obit worth reading • Irish author John McGahern in Dublin at the age of 71.

talking heads • a nifty Alice Hoffman interview in MO’s Herald Online.

hot item • The new set of limited edition reprints of the Book of Mormon is now available.

red hot item • New Battlestar Galactica comic book series to start in May. If you haven’t seen the new TV series you have been missing out on some great story telling.

banktoaster • Middlebury College has their digital image archive available online. Check it out, there are some images from their past Bread Loaf Conferences, manuscripts from Longfellow, Whitman, Thoreau, Bierce, Alcott, including some nice Vermont postcards.

hey mikey • Michael Palin’s ‘Himalaya’ added to geography curriculum in English schools

almost naughty • once upon a time there was a comic book….THE comic book to end all comic books: Transmetropolitan, A little dose of HST, a large serving of distopian vision, wit and wisdom from the twisted mind of Warren Ellis. But 60 issues later it was gone, lucky for you, some blogger has loaded issue #8 “Another Cold Morning” onto the net,even better Warren Ellis isn’t upset, he is encouraging people to read it. I say read it, there is more where that came from.

Adult fare • On the spur of the moment, I grabbed the box set Dick Cavett Show : Comedy Legends off the shelf at the video store. For those of you who are experiencing this neo-Vietnam era for the 1st time around, you may never have seen television for grown-ups, but it did exist and is now enshrined on the same media format that you can find Dukes of Hazzard and Survivor. The closest we have to Cavett presently would be Charlie Rose and James Lipton. Intelligent conversations between people who aren’t just famous for being famous. Cavett has topped off these ‘best-of’ sets with some new introductions, and tossed in some clips of his precendent morning show. I was dumbfounded when he spent 10 minutes of one episode, reading letters from viewers of the Joan Baez /Alan Ginsberg program, which unfortunately is not on this set or the Dick Cavett Show: Rock Icons box set. The letters were both pro and con, irate and complimentary, it was truly fair and balanced programming. Anyways, it wasn’t book oriented but I just thought I’d share. BTW the Shout Factory also has a box of Jack Parr Shows which is now on my wish list. 8) Damn, I love DVD techology!


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