Science Friday

podcast • I always seem to miss the really good stuff on the radio these days – who knew i would miss spending 3 hours a day commuting.

Science Friday has a podcast – which I have just added to my ever growing list of feeds. This episode from 2/23 is terrific : A look back at the Dover, Pennsylvania evolution trial. The judge’s ruling in that case dealt a blow to one district’s plans to bring “intelligent design” to its public school science classes. With guest Edward Humes author of Monkey Girl: Evolution, Education, Religion, and the Battle for America’s Soul and Randy Olson the director of A Flock of Dodos a new film that tackles the question of why scientists can’t seem to get the intelligent design debate to go away. Plus, an update on the nationwide battle over teaching creationism in public schools. Did the fall elections bring any changes to policies in science education battlegrounds such as Kansas?

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