scratch and sniff

I don’t advise going into a Yankee Candle store . . . ever.  I had ten minutes to kill before the AT&T store opened so i could find out why my iphone was secretly streaming things and wasting all my minutes…hence i followed  my nose  into the store. We use them at the Animal Clinic and they are always things like Garden Center and Christmas Morning…etc… I had heard they had one called Grass and Two By Four supposedly for MEN, cause god knows women don’t like the smell of fresh cut wood. Regardless….this, like a chocolaterie, isn’t a store you should go in to kill time, you end up walking out, having purchased something you hadn’t intended to nor should rationally afford. BTW Unless something’s on sale…these are some really fucking expensive candles. What I rationalized was something for 9.99, which smelled to me like clean laundry,  called Good Air that is sold to remove odors…i don’t know if it did, it smelled okay when i lit it up.

I’m still not sure why I bought it , either they mesmerized me or I felt guilty because i don’t use candles to try to mask the smells in my world….i just tend to clean things until they don’t smell anymore and i’m kinda happy with that. The add on to my purchase, is this votive, labeled “Treehouse Memories”  . . .  i have never had a treehouse, nor memories of the same, so I am not sure how that memor is supposed to smell, but of the hundred or so smells they had to offer…including Pumpkin Buttercream and Chocolate Bunnies…no shit those are actual scandles… this one hit on something in my subconscious. . . I  don’t know what Proustian memory it will dredge up…but there is something it smells like and it’s going to drive me mad until I figure out what it reminds me of… ha….funny thought…they should have one called madeleines…but then you’d have to write 800 pages every time you light one up.

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