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I am one of the few americans who finds mac and cheese unappetizing..the yellow mac and cheese in a box even makes me ill looking at it in the grocery store..somehow it brings to mind some bad childhood memory. probably something i ate or refused to eat in a school cafeteria once…or many more onces… as broke food goes you can’t really knock will keep you alive i guess…but would life be worth living?

In college I remember it sold 4 for a it’s probably more than that..yet still overpriced. It’s pasta with a packet of salty dried dairy powder….of course I will eat the BETTER and more expensive kind..the 2.99 a box organic, Parmesan or white cheddar type..the kind without ALL the heaps of salt. So, i am attempting to recreate IT for a reasonable price.


I found a cheap grated cheesey blend for half the price of all the green boxes. I am actually looking for the qualities of the cheap cheese – finer grain, more bland, less tang, so that i can control the taste and saltiness. I also want it to be frugal enough to use it to make the cheese sauce.. I can make a cheese sauce from a cooked white sauce base, but i’m looking for quick, just like the box type.

starting with 1.5 cups of small shells just like in the box, I intend to add milk and a smidgen of butter just like on the box. To make my instance sauce I started with 3+ tablespoons of grated cheese, 1 tsp of basil, 1 of parsley and hoping to encourage a nice smooth sauce I added a tsp of corn starch.

As I discovered I think i could have left out the corn starch as the cheese and added more milk, the starch on the shells was plenty. I should sit down and hammer out the math..but i don’t want to.




Still eating the canned meats from the dollar store. Today’s dinner was the Van Camps Kippers, normally I eat the Brunswick brand…but the Dollar store has the Van Camps for half the price and the can says it’s a smidgen more product.  The van camps expire in 2014 and the Brunswick in 2015 go figure.

And surprise surprise..a canned kipper is a canned kipper. I am going back to grab more of those little fishies.  By the way that cooked Pink Good mashed up with some relish on crackers was shockingly good.

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